Cable TV Services

Ogden Telephone Company is proud to offer quality cable television at a great price. We offer a variety of packages to suit your cable viewing needs.

IPTV Channel Guide Remote Programming

Telephone Service Required.

Digital Basic Cable Rates
Digital Basic – Includes channels 1-99 and one video box $31.95
Enhanced Digital Basic with HD – Includes all channels in the digital enhanced lineup,  except premium movie channels, and 3 video boxes $63.95
Additional Video Boxes $8.95
DVR Service Available $9.95
FCC Regulatory Fee $0.04
Non-pay Collection Fee $15.00
Time – 1 hour minimum $50.00
Service & Installation Charge (includes 3 TVs) $49.95  
Each additional TV $20.50
Enhanced Digital Premium Movie Channels & Movie Packages
Home Box Office (HBO) $15.95
Cinemax (MAX) $10.95
Showtime (SHOW) $11.95
The Movie Channel (TMC) $6.95
STARZ $6.95
TMC/SHOW $18.90
HBO/MAX $26.90
SHOW/MAX $21.90