Internet Services

Experience the web in a whole new way using high speed Broadband. Download music, videos and even listen to radio stations over the web with little wait time!

Features of our Broadband service include:

  • Unlimited usage
  • Dedicated connection and speed
  • Free technical support 24 hours a day: 800-205-1110
  • Can be on the internet and phone at the same time
  • Faster downloads
  • Email storage of 250 MB
  • Up to 4 additional email addresses
  • Virus scanning on email messages using McAfee Virus-Scan software
  • SPAM filtering on all incoming email
  • Webmail – Web based email access
  • Usenet News – access to thousands of newsgroups
  • netINS Based Showcase – 20 MB for your website
Pricing for High Speed Broadband Service*
3M/1M Broadband Connection $29.95/month
5M/1M Broadband Connection $39.95/month
8M/1M Broadband Connection $54.95/month
12M/5M Broadband Connection $64.95/month
20M/5M Broadband Connection $74.95/month
30M/10M Broadband Connection $99.95/month
50M/10M Broadband Connection $139.95/month
100M/10M Broadband Connection $249.95/month
200M/20M Broadband Connection $329.95/month
One-time set-up fee on all Broadband connections* $49.95

*Speeds and prices are subject to change.
Telephone Service required.

If you wish to sign up for service, or have any questions regarding Broadband Service, please feel free to contact us at our local business office.

Tech Support: 1-800-205-1110