Telephone Services

Ogden Telephone Company offers a variety of telephone services to suit your business and residential needs. We offer quality phone service at a competitive rate. Below is a list of our pricing guide for basic phone service for business and residential customers.

Residential Service
Residential Access Line $18.00 per month plus tax and surcharge
Business Service
Business Access Line $21.00 per month plus tax and surcharges
Other Services
E911 $1.00 per month
Touch Tone $0.50 per month
Subscriber Line Charge $6.50 per month for residential and single-line business
  $9.20 per month for multi-line business
ARC Charge $2.50 per month for residential or single business line
  $3.00 per month for multi-line business
FREE Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 3-way Calling, 900 Block
Calling Features
Operator Assistance

Directory Assistance

Additional Telephones:
Additional telephones will save countless steps for only a few cents a day! Provide security, privacy and convenience. Modern homes should have a telephone in every living area: Bedrooms, den, kitchen, basement, living room, and even in the yard.

Directory Listings:
An "extra" listing in the directory ensures teenagers, in-laws, business partners, employees, and others of receiving calls. Also essential for other business names of the firm.

Service Policy:
Our policy is to render a service that will be satisfactory to all of our customers. We realize that difficulties may sometimes occur and shall appreciate your comments and suggestions for the betternment of your telephone service.

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